Suborbital Development Platform

Suborbital is home to several different projects that all work together towards the same goal: making it easier to build web services with powerful open-source frameworks and tools. Suborbital has a strong focus on minimizing boilerplate, providing security by default, helping you scale, and making development more intuitive. We take advantage of new technologies such as WebAssembly to make development easier for you.


Atmo is the flagship project of the Suborbital Development Platform. An all-in-one web service platform that uses your favorite languages, and eliminates all boilerplate. A declarative format allows building your business logic using compact, isolated functions compiled from your favorite language to WebAssembly. Alpha.

Vektor is the API framework to rule them all. Secure by default. Little to no boilerplate. Fast as hell. Beta.

Grav is the communication muscle for your distributed system. Decentralized, very lightweight, and built for scaling systems. Grav is a messaging mesh that helps you stay on top of your traffic. Beta.

Reactr brings a hugely scalable function scheduler to your system. From the smallest to the most intensive compute, Reactr was built for it. Serverless? Functions as a Service? Data pipelines? Bring it on. Built for a future based on WebAssembly. Beta.