Announcing Wasm Builders!

Announcing Wasm Builders!

A blogging platform and community space for everyone and everything WebAssembly

Hello and welcome! We’re pumped to formally introduce Wasm Builders, a collaboration between Suborbital, Microsoft, Fermyon, Profian, Cosmonic, Akkoro, and Lunatic. Wasm Builders is a blogging platform and community space for anyone interested in WebAssembly to learn, show off what they're working on, and discuss the technology. We’re excited for you to join in!

Wasm Builders is an open and welcoming community made up of WebAssembly enthusiasts who are exploring the limits of Wasm-native applications. Our goal is to inform, to delight, and to inspire:

  • To inform by sharing knowledge about WebAssembly through articles and tutorials
  • To delight by showcasing cutting-edge demos and applications
  • And to inspire by bringing people from all over the world together to build the next generation of modern applications

New to WebAssembly? Here are some posts to help you get cozy!

What exactly is WebAssembly?

How to read WASM and maybe write it too

WebAssembly in action: How does Shopify use Wasm?

What folks are saying about WebAssembly and Wasm Builders:

Connor Hicks, creator of Atmo and founder of Suborbital

As WebAssembly becomes a more prominent tool in the modern developer’s kit, it’s important that there’s a space to learn, discuss, and showcase everything that Wasm can do. This community space is going to ensure that anyone can approach WebAssembly from various industries, specialties and skill levels, and have a friendly, informative place to collaborate.

Nick Vidal, community manager of Enarx and Profian

Wasm Builders is shaping up to be a great place where developers come together to share what they are building on top of WebAssembly. The Enarx project in particular aims to render Confidential Computing accessible by providing a run-time Trusted Execution Environment based on WebAssembly, allowing developers to deploy applications transparently across multiple architectures and without any rewrites from languages like Rust, C, and C++.

Radu Matei, Michelle Noorali, Matt Butcher (

At Fermyon, we believe WebAssembly has the potential to power the next wave of cloud computing, so we are very excited about a community effort to help developers build and understand WebAssembly. We are looking forward to sharing more about what we are working on soon!

Bernard Kolobara, co-founder of Lunatic and creator of the lunatic runtime

Properties that made WebAssembly successful in the browser (safety, speed and efficiency) make it also a desirable component in other parts of the tech stack. It's great to have a platform like Wasm Builders that allows us all from different backgrounds to come together around this awesome technology.

Ralph Squillace (Principal Program Manager, Azure Core Upstream, Microsoft Corporation, Vice Chairperson, Bytecode Alliance Foundation. Krustlet (Wasm), Bindle (Wasm), and the Azure Kubernetes Service WASI NodePools preview – among others.

Wasm Builders is a great place to start looking at, learning, and using Wasm and WASI components for almost anything. It’s a great way to ramp up if you want to contribute upstream to various projects – including those in the Bytecode Alliance Foundation and CNCF. This should be a lot of fun. :-)

Cheers to Forem for partnering with us to create this community, powered by the same platform as!

We're looking forward to learning with you and seeing what you build when you create your account! Follow Wasm Builders on Twitter and tweet at us to share anything you post. We'll be looking for things to share with the world!

Cover image by Jason Leung on Unsplash