Integrating SE2: The Proxyz Demo

Integrating SE2: The Proxyz Demo

It's always easiest to understand a system if you can see it in action. That's why last week Suborbital founder Connor Hicks sat down with Flaki, one of our Developer Experience Engineers, to discuss his recent work on the "Proxyz" demo which is currently featured on Suborbital's homepage.

Want to see the whole thing? Connor and Flaki's discussion is on YouTube:

In the video, Flaki discusses what it was like to use SE2 to add support for user-defined plugins to a fictional network proxy application. In this case, showing how a user might inject custom logic to flag suspicious network traffic as it passed through a system.

Handling untrusted code is hard, but SE2 makes it easy. In the demo, Flaki shows off how SE2's code editor embeds directly into your application, letting Suborbital take care of the full lifecycle of handling user-supplied code: from authoring to deployment to execution.

By building on WebAssembly, SE2 is able to apply the same universal sandboxing to code from virtually any language, even JavaScript! As Connor discusses in the video:

"We partnered with Shopify on a project called 'Javy' which is a JavaScript-to-WebAssembly toolchain. [...] This allows us to take the most popular language in the world and combine it with WebAssembly's strong, deny-by-default security model."

Flaki built the demo on the fully hosted version of SE2, which is the fastest and easiest way to get started with user-defined plugins. Interested? Sign up for the beta!

Want to see what's going on behind the scenes? The code for the Proxyz demo is on GitHub.